There are numerous foot problems. The cracking of the foot is one of the common foot problems. This condition normally occurs on a dry and callused skin. Skin with such problems is also said to have fissures contingent on how severe the problem is. Cracks that affect the heels can cause the affected feet to bleed. These cracks can also lead to extreme pain. The common indications of the condition include dark and yellowish skin, hard and callused skin growth, cracked skin, peeling skin, and flaky patches on the affected area.

Prolonged Standing

What are the Causes Severe Cracks on the Heels?Prolonged standing increases the risk of acquiring foot fissures. This is especially true if you stand on hard grounds for long periods. Prolonged standing causes continuous pressure and friction on both feet. Eventually, open sores and cracks start to develop. They may be accompanied by pain and bleeding. If there is no alternative to standing for prolonged periods, ensure that you put on the appropriate footwear. Your footwear should have adequate cushioning.

Shoes with Open Heels

Some shoes have thin soles that can expose the heels of either foot. Such shoes play a part in the development of cracks on the heels. Based on the available information, shoes that have open heels cause the heels of either foot to enlarge. Consequently, such shoes increase the risk of acquiring cracks on the heels because of the extra pressure exerted on the heels. Therefore, it is important to avoid wearing shoes that have open heels or thin soles. If you have to wear them, do not use them frequently. Additionally, avoid ill-fitting footwear because they can increase the risk of developing sores, cracks, and bleeding heels. In this respect, it is advisable to purchase shoes that fit well on both feet. Your shoes should allow your feet to take in adequate amounts of air.


What are the Causes Severe Cracks on the Heels?Persons who are overweight normally exert too much pressure on their foot when standing. Based on this fact, overweight people are at a higher risk of acquiring cracks because of the excessive force on the fat pad beneath the heel. This pressure causes the heel to enlarge sideways. In case the overweight person does not have a flexible or supple skin on the heels, the exerted pressure is likely to cause cracks. One of the best ways of addressing this problem is investing in good pairs of shoes. Wearing the right shoes can protect the feet from the excessive pressure exerted on the heels by the weighty body. It is also essential to put on heel cups or pads because they can help in preventing your heels from enlarging sideways.

Health Conditions

Some heath conditions like hypothyroidism and diabetes cause inactivity in sweat glands, which in turn causes dry skin. Consequently, the risk of acquiring heel cracks and foot fissures is high. Other health conditions like athlete’s foot, heel spurs, and flat foot increase the risk of having problematic heals. Cracked feet and heels may also result from skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Applying moisturizing cream can provide moisture to the skin and reduce excessive dryness.

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