Basic Information

This article is a review of Elite Foot and Shoe Odor Spray from Elite Sportz Equipment. It is advertised as a foot treatment that both moisturizes and deodorizes. With the all natural antiseptic ingredients it promises to alleviate symptoms of athlete’s foot while it soothes and hydrates your feet.


Elite Foot and Shoe Odor Spray contains 11 botanicals and 7 essential oils including:

  • organic aloe vera
  • coconut water
  • tea tree oil
  • peppermint oil
  • chamomile extract
  • camellia sinensis extract
  • red tea
  • witch hazel
  • comfrey extract
  • ginger extract
  • olive leaf extract
  • dandelion extract
  • vitamin E
  • neem seed oil
  • myrrh
  • lavendar oil

Many different medications are made using aloe vera, both oral and topical. It is commonly used in remedies for a variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis, cold sores, sunburns, frost bite and burns. There is also evidence that it kills bacteria as well. Tea tree oil which is derived from the leaves of the tea tree is a topically applied treatment for athlete’s foot, ringworm, lice, acne and fungal mail infections. Mostly used as a flavoring, peppermint oil, can also also be used in skin ointments and creams for an array of conditions like itchiness, nerve and muscle pain as well as joint conditions, toothache and headache. Chamomile is an herb which has been used for mecidinal purposes for many years. It is a treatment for a variety of illnesses including those of the skin. Other active ingredients in this foot spray which are commonly used in natural remedies for skin conditions are Vitamin E, neem seed oil, myrrh oil and bergamot. Witch Hazel, ginger extract and olive leaf extract are all used to soothe burns. While dandelion extract is an ingredient in treatments for eczema and skin infections.


The manufacturing company, Elite Sportz Equipment, recommends that for the best results their foot and shoe spray should be stored in a cool area like the refrigerator. When needed spray the entire foot, and then massage it in. After applying simply sit back with your feet propped up and enjoy the sensations. It can also be sprayed safely into your socks and shoes.


Elite Foot and Shoe Odor Sray is available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website. A 4 fluid ounce bottle cost $13.97, this does not include shipping.

What to Expect

I purchased the Elite foot spray  a few weeks ago to treat a bad case of athlete’s foot. Immediately after the first application I began to feel a cooling relief from the burning and itching. Within the first week or two most of my symptoms had vanished. I have since been using this product daily, and have not had any serious recurrences. I can not predict for certain that I am completely cured, that the infection will not come back but so far so good.

Keep an Eye Out

We were not able to locate a listing of possible side effects for the product. However, we did find, while researching the ingredients, that individually some of them can lead to an allergic reaction or other effects such as redness, itching and rash.

Manufacturers Commitment

Elite Sportz Equipment offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with any of their products. They invite customers to contact them with any questions, issues or return requests. There was however no information on a time limit or product condition requirements for the returns.  According to the majority of customer reviews not only is the product highly effective, the company’s customer service is excellent and delivery is prompt.

The Bottom Line

The Foot and Shoe Odor Spray from Elite Sportz utilizes essential oils in this all natural foot treatment. It has the bonus of also being a deodorant. Unfortunately the spray only ships to the United States. It does carry a warranty, however it is unclear as to whether there are any limitations on time or condition of the return.

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