Basic Information

In this article we will review Oregavit Wild Oregano Oil. It is a product which claims to effectively treat nail fungus such as Athlete’s Foot. Oregavit advertises this oil as being a anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral that kills candida. Read on to see if this all natural remedy will meet your fungus-fighting needs.


This nail fungus treatment contains the active ingredient:

  • origanum vulgare oil

Inactive ingredients include:

  • jojoba seed oil
  • almond oil
  • vitamin E oil

Origanum Vulgare, also known as the spice oregano, is most often used as a flavoring. The oil from oregano has been used as a anti-bacterial. It has been suggested through some evidence that it can be effective at holding off infection.


This Wild Oregano Oil is to be applied topically between the toes, on the nails and entire foot area. A thin coating should be massaged in well. It is recommended to be used for three weeks twice a day. Oregavit also recommends that the application should be done once in the morning and once at night before bed.


This product is available for purchase online for around $10. This price does not include any shipping or handling charges.

What to Expect

I purchased the Oregavit Wild Oregano Oil to treat my Athlete’s Foot infection around almost 3 months ago. As directed I applied the oil to my feet everyday two times a day for a few weeks. Around 2 to 3 weeks I began seeing some improvement. My symptoms did not go away, but I did notice my nails and skin looking better. The oil did help quite a bit after a little over 2 months, however the fungus is not completely gone yet. I am still using the product, and slowly it is making progress.

Keep an Eye Out

There was not a list of possible side effects available with the product’s information. Through our research we discovered that although there is not enough information on oregano oil it is classified as possibly safe. The only warning we found was the possibly of an allergic reaction, which may be a warning sign for people that have overly sensitive skin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After extensive research we could not find any type of guarantee from the manufacturer. We did notice that most retailers who have this product for sale online do offer money back guarantees or return policies. Most of these retailers have a time limit for returns. See the individual retailer for return policy details.

The Bottom Line

Oregavit Wild Oregano Oil is a 100% natural treatment for nail fungus. The cost of the product is very affordable. It was concerning that there were very few customer reviews to consult , and even more so was the manufacturer’s statement that the product might not permanently cure the fungus. It also seems to be a very slow acting treatment. perhaps this might do better as a maintenance product to prevent future infections, but as a first line of defense to cure a serious infection, you might want to turn elsewhere.

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