Think you know all you need to know about your feet? Did you know that out ten people, eight of them suffer and deal with some sort of foot condition? That’s pretty high number of people who deal daily with a foot problem. Not only do they have to deal with these ailments, they also affect the quality of the person’s life. In a professional study conducted in 2014, 1,000 Americans took a survey. The results were surprising. It was documented that over half of the people who took the survey suffered feet issues and at least one third of the group had more than three foot ailments.

Do you know what the common foot conditions are in America?

You may not even know you have a common foot issue. Take a minute to see if you suffer from one of these common ailments. While it may surprise you to realize you have one of these conditions, it may comfort you to know that you are not the only person who suffers from them.

Get the Facts About Foot Fungus and ConditionsHere are some common foot problems people deal with:

  • At least 33 percent suffer from some sort of nail issue such as fungus or ingrown nails.
  • More than 30 percent suffer from smelly feet or odor.
  • At least 27 percent suffer from heel issues such as runner’s heel.
  • Over 25 percent deal with daily pain in the balls of their feet.
  • A smaller percentage deal with other common foot ailments such as tendinitis, hammertoes, bunions, pinched nerves, bone spurs, or hammertoes.

Do Americans think it’s important to take care of their foot conditions?

Get the Facts About Foot Fungus and ConditionsWhile a majority of American’s do realize that these foot ailments affect their daily life, many don’t take the time to properly tend to their issues. Almost all Americans agreed it was important to tend to their foot issues but irregardless of what they stated, many do not give the care needed to proper cure their foot ailments. It is not until smaller foot problems become persistent that people will seek the care of their physicians. Even those who know they need the special care of a podiatrist or specialist will not schedule a visit to get their issues checked out. The majority of people would rather self-diagnose themselves and do their research on the internet.

Instead of getting a prescription from their physician, a majority of people will instead try to save their money and get medication from their drugstore.

How can you improve the health of your feet

Many people may wonder why they continue to have recurring issues with their feet despite the fact they take care of them. Perhaps you are not looking at the common issue, which is your footwear. In order to treat and completely cure a foot condition, you will need to look at all perspectives and angles. This will include your footwear. Instead of continuing throwing out shoes, you may want to consider sterilizing them instead. There are products out there that will not only kill harmful fungus and bacteria, it will also help keep the shape of your shoes since you will not be constantly throwing them into the washing machine.

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