Dry feet with scales are among the common health problems. A number of factors contribute to this problem. People normally subject their feet to regular abuse in different ways. For instance, the feet are always under extreme pressure during normal walking. Moreover, the feet are also exposed to harmful elements that can cause health problems. It is possible to remove the dead layer of the skin from the feet through some nightly treatment procedures at home. However, people who are suffering from diabetes should not use this method of treatment. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of acquiring dangerous infections on their feet. In order to avoid such problems, it is important to treat foot conditions such as dry skin under the supervision of a medical professional.

The Treatment Process

How to Cure Dead Feet SkinYou can take a number of steps to cure dead feet skin. The first step involves soaking the affected foot or feet in warm water. This procedure should last for about twenty minutes and should be done before retiring to bed. The aim of this procedure is to make the skin soft.

The second step involves scrubbing the skin on the affected area of the feet. Use pumice stone  to perform this procedure. This volcanic rock is porous and can be bought in beauty stores and drugstores. You should use back and forth gentle movements to remove the dead layer of the skin. If the layer of the dead skin is enormous, it will be difficult for you to eliminate it in a single sitting. Once you start this procedure, do everything possible to remove the affected skin without causing unnecessary pain. You should repeat this step the following day until you remove the dead layer of your feet skin completely.

The third step entails rinsing the skin that has been scrubbed from the feet. Use cool water while it is still running from the tap to perform this procedure.  The next step involves rinsing the stone used to scrub the skin with cool and running water to wash away the skin particles. Allow the stone to dry by placing it in an open environment. The pumice stone may have a loop that can help you to hang it where it can dry. The fifth step involves patting your feet with a bath towel to dry them.

12The second last step entails massaging your foot with large amounts of cream. This process involves rubbing the tips of your finger in a radial motion along the affected feet. This procedure not only helps to rub the cream, but also promotes the circulation of blood in the affected area of the feet. You should purchase creams that target dry feet. Such creams have heavy ingredients and moisturizers that help the dry cells on your skin to fall off. Buy products that are recommended by recognized bodies such as the APMA. The last step involves wearing wool or cotton socks that help in holding moisture in the skin of your feet. At this point, the skin is smooth and moisturized.

What You Need

You will need a towel, pumice stone, wool or cotton socks, and foot cream to carry out the steps described in this article.

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