Nonprescription Remedies for Fungal Toe InfectionsThe dermatophytes that cause fungal toe infections grow well in moist and warm areas. Such areas include swimming pools and showers. These organisms can cause onychomycosis and athlete’s foot. The former condition affects the toenail while the latter condition affects the toes. The treatment duration for athlete’s foot is usually two to six week. The treatment duration for onychomycosis is about nine to eighteen months.  People who are suffering from serious diseases and diabetes should consult a doctor before taking nonprescription medications.


This drug is sold as a cream, powder or spray. You can purchase it from ordinary retail shops to cure athlete’s foot. You can also use it to treat onychomycosis. Wear gloves and apply Clotrimazole externally two times a day. You can also use an applicator instead of gloves. The treatment may cause minimal side effects such as itching and burning.


This is another ordinary retail remedy for treating antifungal toe infections. It is available as a cream for treating both fungal toenail infections and athlete’s foot. Apply the cream to the affected area two times a day. Remember that this medication is not suitable for children below 2 years, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. The side effects associated with this medication include a rash and itching. Miconazole should only be used externally.


Nonprescription Remedies for Fungal Toe InfectionsThis is another effective nonprescription medication for treating fungal infections. It is sold as a cream. Children under the age of 12 years should not use this cream. Apply the treatment externally two times every day. This medication is known as the best remedy for fungal infections that affect the skin between your toes. However, terbinafine is not an effective remedy for onychomycosis. There are chances of harmful interactions with certain prescription remedies. In this regard, it is important to use terbinafine under the care of a doctor.


This medication is sold in the form of a cream, spray, gel, or powder for treating athlete’s foot. For the purposes of treating onychomycosis, tolnaftate is available in the form solutions. Tolnaftate prevents the fungus from growing. Apply this medication externally two times every day. The undesired effects associated with tolnaftate include itching and irritation.

Undecylenic Acid

This medication is sold in ordinary retail shops as a liquid. It prevents fungi from growing. Undecylenic Acid is an effective remedy for athlete’s foot. Apply it externally two times in a day. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this medication. The same applies to persons suffering from diabetes. The side effects that might occur because of this medication include itching and stinging. Look for immediate medical assistance in case of dyspnea or swelling in the mouth, tongue, or lips.

Melaleuca oil

Nonprescription Remedies for Fungal Toe InfectionsThis herbal medication can cure onychomycosis and athlete’s foot. The oil is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia plant. There is no evidence to prove that this treatment is safe or effective. Moreover, its side effects and interactions are unknown. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before using Melaleuca oil to cure toe fungi. This medication is available as a cream or liquid.

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