Basic Information: What is Foot Works Healthy Antifungal Powder for Athlete’s Foot?

The following review is for Avon Foot Works Healthy Antifungal Powder for Athlete’s Foot. This powder is supposed to effectively treat the majority of cases of tinea pedis, or Athlete’s Foot as it is more commonly known, and prevent its reoccurrence when used daily. It also provides relief to burning, itching feet. To learn more about this powder’s ingredients and discover our view of it then read onwards.


  • Tolnaftate (10mg/g)
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Sodium Silicoaluminate
  • Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Methylparaben
  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Water/Eau


When used to cure Athlete’s Foot, you must cleanse your feet with water and soap before drying them thoroughly. A fine layer of powder has to be applied two times a day, unless directed to do otherwise by a doctor. Should be used every day for 4 weeks. For Athlete’s Foot prevention, the feet must be cleaned as above and the same amount of product applied once or twice a day. Gaps between toes should receive special attention and you must wear ventilated shoes and cotton socks and change them regularly. This will ensure that your feet heal properly and that you prevent further infection.


The Canadian Avon website lists a 74g of Foot Works Healthy Antifungal Powder for Athlete’s Foot at a cost of $7.99 (CAD). A sale price is not offered although at the moment of writing there was an offer to buy any two Foot Works products for $7.99 altogether. The US Avon site offers the same product for $6 ordinarily and at $3.49 during a sale.

What to Expect

This powder was very nice to try out. It really softens the skin, does not leave a greasy feel as creams would and has a mild, non-medicinal scent. It stops the itching that accompanies an Athlete’s Foot infection but it takes several days before you begin to the infection clear up. Even after the infection is gone, the skin is still sensitive so it takes close to a month before it is fully gone so the treatment is slower than some others available are. The powder is very fine and is easy to apply and a tub of it lasts longer than you would expect it to for its size.

Keep an Eye Out

If irritation to the skin occurs, if your Athlete’s Foot worsens or your infection does not get better after a period of 4 weeks, you must stop using the product and ask your doctor for medical help. Ensure the product avoids any contact with your eyes. If this happens, you should thoroughly rinse your eyes with water. You should keep this product out of children’s reach and do not use it for treating children below the age of 2 years unless told otherwise by your doctor. You should seek urgent medical help if the powder is swallowed.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Avon has a guarantee that allows the return of a product within 60 days following the delivery date stated by the company upon purchase from their Canadian website. A receipt must be provided with a returned item. It is not mention what state the product must be in but there do not seem to be any restrictions imposed on the consumer meaning that the product can be returned after opening. It is also possible to purchase this powder from an Independent Avon representative, in which case a return would be organised through them if you used their services. This powder has received great praise from consumers. The most praised aspects seem to be the ease with which application can be achieved and how long one tub of the product can last.

The Bottom Line

Foot Works Healthy Antifungal Powder for Athlete’s Foot is a good quality product. It does treat Athlete’s Foot although treatment is quite slow. It contains an antifungal that can be found in other more medicinal products and this kills off the fungal infection. However, this product is not paraben-free. If you have a problem with parabens then you should not consider using this powder because of that potentially carcinogenic ingredient. The directions are easy to follow and the powder is easy to spread over an area. Like any product, this one carries a host of warnings and possible effects. It is unsuitable for children under the age of two as well. The price seems to be fair and there is a guarantee that may allow the return of this product after it has been opened although this is not known for certain. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not this product is for you. To learn more about our top Athlete’s Foot treatment products, click here.

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