Basic Information

This is a review of Crawford Healthcare’s Cuplex Athlete’s Foot Cream. The manufacturer claims this cream is an effective treatment for Athlete’s Foot.  It has been advertised as a clinically proven product that stops the growth of or destroys the fungi responsible for the infection. Cuplex also promises to relieve the burning, itching, scaling and cracking associated with Athlete’s Foot.


  • terbinafine hydrochloride

Terbinafine hydrochloride is an anti fungal ingredient which kills the fungi that causes skin infections. It is used in topical treatments for fungal infections such as jock itch and foot infections. Cuplex also contains inactive ingredients including benzoyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, cetyl alcohol, purified water and others.


Both your hands and the affected area should be washed and dried before application of this product. For the best results gently smooth a small amount of Cuplex into the inflamed skin and the adjacent areas 1 to 2 times a day for 7 days. To avoid a return of the infection continued use of the cream for the full 7 days even if the symptoms have went away. Make sure to always wash your hands after using this product.


A 15 gram tube of Cuplex Athlete’s Foot Cream costs £4.59 ($7.11), and this does not include shipping charges which are based upon your order weight.

What to Expect

After having used Cuplex Cream for a week I saw some improvement   Within a few days there was noticeable relief of the itching and burning sensations. I was quite pleased with how well this product seemed to work, but it never seemed to completely eradicate my infection. after a month or so of using this cream, I can not say for sure that my Athlete’s Foot is completely cured, and will not return.

Keep an Eye Out

There are possible side effects with this product as with any medication. Some of these effects can include stinging, itching or redness at the application areas. If you begin to experience pain, redness and swelling at the site of application or any of the above listed symptoms consult your physician.

Manufacture Commitment

The manufacturer of this product does not offer a satisfaction guarantee. This creates concerns over the possible effectiveness of the cream. Although different retailers offer certain return and refund policies, the fact the manufacturer itself is not confident enough in the product to make any promises or guarantees of its effectiveness is extremely suspect.  No customer reviews were available which brought up even more questions over whether this cream truly works as well as advertised. This along with no guarantee makes it even more difficult to have any confidence in this Athlete’s Foot creams ability to follow through on the promisises it makes to cure and treat your infection.

The Bottom Line

Cuplex Athlete’s Foot Cream contains an anti fungal ingredient that is known to relieve symptoms of fungal skin infections. This product is available at a fairly good price. However the lack of a guarantee and no customer reviews does create a lot of suspicion concerning this product and its effectiveness.

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