Basic Information: What is H-Athlete’s Foot Formula?

This will be a review of Healing Natural Oils H-Athlete’s Foot Formula. This oil quickly cures Athlete’s Foot and the 100% natural formula is gentle on the skin. Additionally, it treats symptoms such as peeling, burning, itching, blisters and pain. To discover the oil’s ingredients and our view of the product, read on.


  • Calendula officinalis 12C
  • Lycopodium clavatum 12C
  • Thuja occidentalis 12C
  • Essential Oil Blend
  • Cymbopogon flexuosus whole plant
  • Lavandula officinalis flower bud
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia leafbranch
  • Pelargonium graveolens whole plant
  • Ethanol

Calendula officinalis, lycopodium clavatum and thuja occidentalis are this oil’s active ingredients. They work to combat the fungal infection causing Athlete’s Foot as well as relieving symptoms. The other ingredients act to soothe and heal the skin in a gentle manner. The ingredients in this homeopathic remedy mean that it cannot be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and children under the age of four.


After cleaning the infected area, 2-3 drops of formula should be dropped onto a cotton swab and applied. This should be done thrice daily. No more than this can be used or you risk causing side effects, most likely irritation.


An 11ml bottle costs $29.95 from Healing Natural Oils. This bottle contains enough liquid to be used in about 120 applications, or enough for 40 days overall based on the dosage. A 33ml bottle offers a saving of 22% and costs $69.95. You may get $10 off your first order by entering your email address to get a coupon on Healing Natural Oils’ website.

What to Expect

This oil worked to free me of Athlete’s Foot in about 3 weeks and just in time too because I was worried the little bottle would not last much longer. It was four or five days before the itchiness seemed to be gone and several more days before healing began. It was disappointingly slow but I suppose that is to be expected when using a natural method rather than a medicinal one.  It certainly was not fast acting as the manufacturer claimed it would be. The slow recovery made things difficult as the condition is contagious and I was worried about spreading it to other people. It is highly uncomfortable to have to walk around your own house in shoes all day to avoid infecting anything.

Keep an Eye Out

As with many of these sorts of products, watch out for signs of irritation of the skin. If you are sensitive to any essential oils then you may find that you will experience this problem although irritation would most likely be mild. If after using this for a few weeks, you have not seen any improvement, or your condition has in fact worsened, then go to a healthcare professional for medical advice.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

A 90-day money-back guarantee accompanies this oil. If you end up unhappy with the product then they will accept a return of it along with your receipt. This return must take place within 90 days of purchasing it. You may contact the company by email (the link can be found on their website) or by phoning 866-445-5433. This product was positively appraised by various consumers who appeared happy with its ability to cure them in a natural manner.

The Bottom Line

H-Athlete’s Foot Formula is made with natural ingredients. It claims to be gentle on the skin but it can cause irritation if the dosage goes beyond a few drops and causes irritation to those with sensitive skin. The oil is made in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Facility so it is made with good quality ingredients and is well manufactured. The product has received good reviews and does the job it is meant to do. As it is oil, it keeps the skin hydrating rather than drying it out too much but does not leave it moist. However, the product is quite expensive. An 11ml bottle is a small one and while it goes a long way, it probably would not last for more than a treatment and a half. This is bad value, even if it is natural. Despite its natural ingredients, it is not safe for everyone to use as young children and expectant and lactating mothers cannot use it without risk. Furthermore applying the oil can be somewhat awkward because it is oil rather than a cream. It can be difficult to measure out the correct dosage of the treatment and rub it on. If you choose to use your fingers to rub it in then you have to wash them very well afterwards with soap so that you do not burn your eyes with the oils. Finally, it can take awhile to work and in that period, you are at risk of infecting others. If the treatment takes weeks to take effect then that can be quite inconvenient for the person infected. This product has a number of drawbacks but it is entirely up to you whether you are willing to overlook them.

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