Basic Information: What is Karite’ Gold for Athlete’s Foot?

This is a review for Karite’ Gold’s product for Athlete’s Foot.  This is a 100% handmade product that is to be used to help combat stubborn Athlete’s foot fungi.  The company touts that this product will help to eliminate the fungal infection that initially caused the ailment.  Currently you can purchase this product at both the manufacturer’s website, as well as the well known online retailer,


The following is the ingredients found in Karite’ Gold’s for Athlete’s Foot:

  • Shea butter
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Myrrh Essential Oil


For best results, this product should be applied to clean and dry skin on the feet, three times each day.  It is not mentioned how long you should continue use of this product.


On Amazon, this product is available at a purchase price of $21.95.  At this time it is not a ‘Prime Eligible’ product and shipping costs will be incurred.  These will depend on where the purchase is to be shipped to.

Additionally the manufacturer’s web page sells this product for the same price at $21.95.  Each month they run specials on different products, though it is not noted what the discount may be if waiting to purchase the foot cream.  Shipping costs also vary on the Karite’ Gold online shopping site, depending on where you are located, as well as if you are planning on purchasing other products from this company.

What to Expect

This cream is infused with two different essential oils that are well known to be not only soothing, but very effective at treating bacterial infections.  It has a very nice scent with both the lavender and Myrrh oils, and it is very nice to be able to treat yourself to your own foot massage as well.  Being a cream, it tends to leave greasy residue and doesn’t seem like it should work well long term in the treatment of Athlete’s foot, but maybe would be better suited to be used as a preventative measure against common fungal infections.

Keep an Eye Out

Currently, no side effects are listed to be noted for this product.  As it is a foot care product it should be used only on the feet.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

No return policy or guarantee is noted on the company page.  This is a handmade product and perhaps contact with the individual who owns this company may provide further information or help if needed for using this product, as well as a potential to return the product if it does not work for you.

If purchased elsewhere, such as the retail site, it may vary as to individual return policies.  If this is important to you as a consumer, it should be further researched before committing to a purchase from any retailer.

The Bottom Line

The homemade feel of this, as well as the natural ingredients make it a nice alternative to typical treatments for fungal ailments.  For what it is and the lack of a guarantee, the price seems quite a bit steeper than most would pay for something that may or may not provide results.  Additionally it is suggested to be using this 3 times daily.  With only 4 ounces in each container, this may get very pricey if you are really looking to cure the fungal infection.

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