Basic Information: What is Naturally Fresh’s Foot Spray?

This product review is meant to help potential consumers decide whether a purchase of Naturally Fresh’s Foot Spray is appropriate for them.  This product is intended for use in helping to prevent foot odors by providing a protective barrier on the feet.  It is a natural product that is not tested on animals and is free from harsh chemicals.  Currently you can find this product for purchase through the online retailers website at or the individual product page at Naturally Fresh’s website.


The following are ingredients found in Naturally Fresh’s Foot Spray:

  • Aqua (purified water)
  • Natural mineral salts (potassium alum)
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice


For the best results when using this product it is recommended to spray it on the feet, especially the soles on the feet.  Additionally it can be used in your shoes to help prevent odor and treat odor.


You can purchase a bottle of 4 fluid ounces of this product on’s website for $3.07 (at the time of this review, regular purchase price is $3.99).  Shipping prices vary depending on your location, but can range anywhere from $4 to $12.  This is also dependent on your method of shipment and how quickly you require your order to arrive.  iHerb also offers a rewards program if this is an online retailer that you frequent.

If purchased from the Naturally Fresh company page the product price jumps to $4.09.  Shipping prices are not noted as purchasing through the website is not an option.  However, there is a phone number listed that you can call to make a purchase of this and other products from the Naturally Fresh website.  It is noted on the website that you can find Naturally Fresh’s products at Wal-mart retail stores.

Neither of these websites provides a subscription plan for this product.

What to Expect

This product is meant to be a preventative measure in your foot care routine.  It should help, though it is not something that you should solely rely on in any battle against foot odor.  If used properly it will help cut back on embarrassing foot odors over time, especially if following the directions of spraying this in your shoes nightly before bed.

Keep an Eye Out

Side effects for Naturally Fresh’s Foot Spray were not provided on either website.  Though it would be advisable to avoid using this product anywhere other than it’s intended use on the feet.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a return policy available to read on the Naturally Fresh’s FAQ page of their website.  It is stated that should you not be satisfied you may return your product within 30 days for a full refund.  There is a mailing address available in the return section for your convenience and the manufacturer’s phone number is also available should you have any questions regarding the return policy.

The Bottom Line

As a preventative measure, this product is helpful, though it is not noted to help with foot odors at present.  Many consumers are looking for a product that can help to discourage foot odors from happening in the first place, and for them, this may be an appropriate product to purchase.  The commitment from the company is very reassuring as you make your purchase as well as the purchasing price, from both websites, though it is noted to be more expensive if purchased directly from the manufacturer.  Even though it is a product for prevention, many also look for a dual purpose product, which this is not.  If you still are having some slight problems after it’s use, you may have to purchase further products to use in your daily foot care regimen.

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