Basic Information

This is a review of NaturePlex’s Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream. According to the manufacturer it is a cure for the fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot. It also says that you will experience relief from the symptoms immediately while helping hydrate and soothe your skin. This cream is suppose to not be greasy or scented. NaturePlex professes this product also treats ringworm and jock itch.


This Athlete’s Foot cream contains the active ingredient:

Clotrimazole works as an anti-fungal, which keeps fungus from growing. It is used in treatments for infections of the skin like jock itch, Athlete’s Foot and ringworm. Aloe leaf has been used in many different remedies for a variety of conditions. It is used for the soothing of red, irritated and dry skin, along with other things.

Some of the inactive ingredients of this Athlete’s Foot treatment cream include:

  • cetyl alcohol
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • mineral oil
  • purified water


Before applying this anti-fungal cream the area that is affected should be well washed and dried. Then smooth the cream lightly over the area once in the morning and once at night. Whenever using this product to treat Athlete’s Foot it is recommended that you should make sure to put a sufficient amount in between the toes. This cream should be applied daily for 4 weeks when treating Athlete’s Foot .


NaturePlex Athlete’s Foot Cream is available for purchase at various retailers and online. A 1.25 ounce tube ranges in price from $0.88 to $8.45 for a pack of 3. These prices do not include shipping when applicable.

What to Expect

I used this anti-fungal cream to treat my Athlete’s Foot for 4 weeks as the package said. Almost immediately I began to feel a relief to some of my symptoms like itching, burning and dryness. There was a noticeable improvement as the days went by. Within 4 weeks all signs of the fungus were gone, but it seemed to leave my skin very sensitive for a while after I stopped treatment. It has now been 3 months since I started the treatment and I have had to use it for maintenance a few times when the infection started coming back.

Keep an Eye Out

There was no mention of possible side effects on the NaturePlex website, however the active ingredient, Clotrimazole, can lead to the treated area becoming irritated, red or swollen. It can also cause bumpy and flaky skin as well as stinging or burning.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

NaturePlex offers a satisfaction guarantee for this foot cream as well as all of their products. There are no questions asked. If you are not happy for whatever reason just return what is left of the cream and the company will issue a full refund.

The Bottom Line

The Athlete’s Foot Anti-fungal Cream by NaturePlex utilizes Clotrimazole, a well known and widely used treatment for fungal infections. The product is well priced although there does seem to be a vast difference in pricing from retailer to retailer. The fact that the manufacturer did not offer a list of side effects was somewhat questionable.

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