Basic Information: What is Nordic Care LLC’s Foot Spray?

This review is meant to help potential customers decide if a purchase of Nordic Care LLC’s Foot Spray is a good investment for them.  This is a formula designed in Sweden to benefit your foot care regimen.  It is touted to help keep your feet dry and odor free.  At the time of this review, it is available for purchase on the iHerb website, but not listed currently on the manufacturer’s product purchasing page.


Ingredients found in this Foot Spray are as follows:

  • Aqua
  • Alcohol denat
  • Diethyl Phthalate
  • Aluminum chlorohydrate
  • Propylene glycol
  • Zinc phenol sulfanate
  • Parfum


It is suggested to use this product either after your shower or before exercising as this is meant to help prevent foot odors.


You can purchase a bottle of 4 fluid ounces of this product on’s website for $7.17 (at the time of this review, regular purchase price is $9.95).  Shipping prices vary depending on your location, but can range anywhere from $4 to $12.  This is also dependent on your method of shipment and how quickly you require your order to arrive.  iHerb also offers a rewards program if this is an online retailer that you frequent.

This product is no longer listed on Nordic Care LLC’s company product purchasing page.  A phone number is listed on the manufacturer’s website if you should have any questions on where to find this product and if they still offer it.

What to Expect

This product is to be used in an effort to help prevent foot odors from occurring in the first place, rather than using it after you are experiencing problems.  It may help cut back on some smells, but it should not be the only method of cleanliness you use in your foot care routine.

Keep an Eye Out

Side effects for Nordic Care LLC’s Foot Mist were not provided.  Though it would be advisable to avoid using this product anywhere other than it’s intended use on the feet.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Though it is currently not listed for sale on the manufacturer’s website, it should be noted that Nordic Care LLC does not list a return policy or guarantee of any kind on their company web page.  If you should run into problems with this product there are several method of communication listed on their website, including a phone number mailing address, and an email address.

Should you purchase at an individual retailer, return policies will likely vary from store to store.

The Bottom Line

Many foot care products on the market are to be used after foot odors surface, whereas this is a preventative measure to be taken.  This is likely an attractant to several consumers as it is more effective in helping to control this sometimes embarrassing health problem after the fact. Pricing for the foot spray is relatively reasonable, though it should be taken into consideration the lack of further information from the manufacturer’s website.  Additionally, it is somewhat concerning to not have a return policy from Nordic Care should you require assistance, or be unsatisfied with your product purchase.  Also concerning is the lack of this products availability on the manufacturer’s website, should you want to purchase this directly from them.

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