Basic Information: What Is Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser

In this Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser review, you will learn more about this product, including its ingredients and directions of use. As claimed by the manufacturer, this can offer an effective solution for foot odor and smelly shoes. It is a powder made with the use of ingredients with antibacterial, antiperspirant, and antifungal components. It is easy to apply and claims to deliver effects for the long-term.


The following are the active ingredients that are used in this product:

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Zinc Undecyclenate
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • Calcium Carbonate


Achieving effective results will be most likely to happen if the instructions are followed. As recommended by the manufacturer, you should first shake the flask before it is used. Squeeze the flask on your shoe. Shake your shoes in order to have the powder dispersed generously. This should be done for at least seven days for the anticipated results to be apparent.


The Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser is sold from the website of the manufacturer for $9.95.

What to Expect

For a long time, smelly feet has been a problem with me. Unless you have experienced the same, you will not know embarrassing it can be. When I used this product, it did not take long before I was able to see results. My feet and shoes were no longer smelly. You can expect results to last for up to six months.

Keep an Eye Out

The manufacturer did not provide details about the possible side effects that you can expect with the use of the product. Nonetheless, make sure to always follow the directions. If there are adverse side effects, you should consult with a doctor the soonest possible time and discontinue its use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Sadly, there is no guarantee form the manufacturer. If in case you did not achieve the results as promised, or if you are unhappy in any way with the product, you cannot have it returned and there will be no refund. This can be an issue for people who are skeptic about spending for a product they are unsure if it will work or not.

There are reviews that can be found from the website of the manufacturer, although such can be limited. If you take a look at these reviews, they are mostly positive, highlighting how effective Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser is.

The Bottom Line

With the use of Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodoriser, you can finally say goodbye to the frustration of having smelly feet and shoes. It comes with an affordable price compared to other products within the competitive landscape. One of the problems with the product, however, is that it lacks satisfaction guarantee. This is unlike other foot powders where manufacturers guarantee an attractive return policy to refund your money once you are not happy with the results of its use. There are reviews that are available online, but they are limited. There are other alternatives that are equally promising but they have satisfaction guarantee and abundant positive reviews online.

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