Basic Information: What is S.S.S. Company’s Tetterine Ointment?

The following is a review on S.S.S. Company’s Tetterine Ointment.  This is a product used and marketed to cure common fungal ailments including Athlete’s Foot, jock itch and ringworm.  The ointment can be found on the manufacturer’s website,though it needs to be purchased by a phone order.  Additional online retailers carry this product for purchase, including the popular online retailer


The active ingredient in Tetterine Ointment is miconazole nitrate 2%, which is an anti fungal.  Inactive ingredients are as follows:

  • fragrance
  • paraffin wax
  • petrolatum
  • starch


This is a product that is meant to treat Athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm.  To start, clean the area affected and make sure it is dry before applying a thin layer of the ointment.  For best results, it is suggested to repeat this process twice daily for 2-4 weeks, depending on the condition it is being used for.  It is also noted to make sure to change socks frequently, as this helps prevent the recurrence of the fungal infection.


You can purchase a 1 ounce tube of this product on’s website for $5.09 (at the time of this review, regular purchase price is $5.73).  Shipping prices vary depending on your location, but can range anywhere from $4 to $12.  This is also dependent on your method of shipment and how quickly you require your order to arrive.  iHerb also offers a rewards program if this is an online retailer that you frequent.

Though it is noted that you can purchase this product on the S.S.S. Company’s website, the link to a purchasing page is difficult to find.  Therefore, a purchase price was not available to be viewed.  There is contact information listed as to how to order by phone if you prefer this method.  Additionally, information on shipping rates was not immediately available either.

What to Expect

This is a product that if used correctly and as suggested, will produce results.  It is not an immediate relief product and will not cure the fungus overnight, but it will make improvements gradually.

Keep and Eye Out

This product is not intended for use in children under the age of 2, unless directed to do so by a medical doctor.  Additionally it should not be used to treat diaper rash.  It is a product only to be used on affected areas externally.  If the condition persists longer than the suggested treatment timeframe, it is suggested to seek medical advice.

There are no specific side effects listed other than the warnings and guidelines noted above.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

No return policy or guarantee can be found on the S.S.S Company’s website.  It should be noted that if you purchase this item directly from the company, it may be advisable to ask further questions regarding returns should you be less than satisfied.  If purchasing from an outside retailer, such as, further research on return policies regarding individual products is suggested.

The Bottom Line

Though it is suggested to have a doctor’s approval on starting this ointment, it is convenient to be able to purchase it over the counter for recurring infections.  It has a well known active anti fungal ingredient in the ingredient list, in addition to only a few other ingredients, which most will find reassuring in knowing the minimal amount of extras added into the products they use.  The price point seems very reasonable, though it is concerning not to have a guarantee or return policy available from the manufacturer.

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