Basic Information: What are Podosan Athlete Foot Pen and Shoe Spray?

Vemedia Podosan Athlete’s Foot Pen and Shoe Spray will be under consideration in this below review. This is intended to be an effective treatment of athlete’s foot that tackles the infection itself and attempts to keep your shoes free from infection. The manufacturer claims that you will be able to see visible results after one week of use. To determine if you would be interested in using this product, continue reading to discover its formula and about what we made of it.


Foot Pen Ingredients

  • Alcohol Denat
  • Undecylenic Acid
  • Urea
  • Allantoin
  • Panthenol
  • Pentylene Glycol
  • Olive Leaf Active
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Solanum Tubersum (Potato) Starch
  • Phenyllactic Acid
  • Octanoic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Mineral Oil
  • Isopropyl Palmitate
  • Tri Laureth-4 Phosphate
  • Sodium Carbomer
  • Glycerin

Shoe Spray Ingredients

  • Alcohol Denat
  • Aqua

The Athlete’s Foot Pen is designed to provide treatment to the affected site and kill off infection. It is also devised to help the skin heal. The shoe spray’s ingredients act to keep your shoes sterilized so that infection has little chance of surviving in that environment.


Wash your feet and carefully towel them dry. Twist the dial on the top of the Athlete’s Foot Pen 5-8 times or until a drop of formula comes out of the tip. Apply the formula twice each day when you arise and before you go to bed. Treatment should continue for at least 4 weeks. The solution should be allowed to dry for a couple of minutes before shoes or socks are put on. The inside of your shoes should be sprayed 2-3 times a week with the Shoe Spray.


Podosan do not sell the Athlete’s Foot Pen and Foot Spray themselves but the recommended retail price was stated by one site as being €12.95. For most online retailers, the product price excludes the cost of shipping the item.

What to Expect

Subsequent to a trial of this pen and spray, it is true what the company says about the visible results after one week. The skin looked visibly better although symptoms were not gone until after two weeks, which is longer than the Podosan website suggests they should vanish. The applicator pen made treatment exceptionally easy, especially in the treatment of the toes. It took a little longer to dry than expected between the toes but it was only a few minutes more than the time stated. The spray was also easy to use and it took just a few squirts to properly treat shoes.

Keep an Eye Out

It is disquieting that the manufacturer does not include any warning information on their website. If warning information has been published elsewhere then it is indecipherable because it is in a different language to English. However, as with all Athlete’s Foot treatments, if your condition does not improve following a period of a few weeks, or if the product causes it to worsen then you should cease its usage straightaway and go to a medical professional for advice. Additionally, you should prevent getting the formula in the eyes and should rinse them thoroughly with water if contact should occur. You probably cannot use this product on young children. You may not be able to use this if you are pregnant or are nursing but you should consult with a medical professional before using this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Podosan do not appear to have a guarantee or returns policy of any sort. If you want to get a refund for an unsatisfactory product then you will have to make sure that you check to see if the seller you buy it from has one. There is no feedback from customers on the Podosan website. We could not find any reviews elsewhere and the sites we examined were also all in Spanish, which made information gathering a little difficult. Overall, we have no way of judging whether consumers were pleased with the pen and spray or not.

The Bottom Line

Podosan have failed to include clear safety information on their website and possible sources such labels, are written in an alternative language to English. The product has no guarantee from the company that makes it and this is once again concerning, even though they do not sell the product themselves. There are no reviews making it difficult to determine if this works for the majority of users. While the product does effectively treats Athlete’s Foot infections and has easy application, thanks to pen, and shoes are kept clean, with the easy-to-use spray, it has too many drawbacks to be recommended by us.

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