What is Zema Cream Antifungal?

Welcome to our review of the Zema Cream Antifungal product. This is a well-known antifungal treatment cream from Thailand and promises to help remove fungal infection in a matter of weeks.  It can also be used to help provide relief to common fungal symptoms such as skin cracking, itchiness and redness. Do you want to know more about this particular product? Please continue reading our review below.


Each 10 gram tube of this topical antifungal treatment contains one primary ingredient which is well-known and tested as an effective treatment to fungal infections. It contains:

Clotramizole has been clinically proven to help eradicate fungal infection on the feet. However, it does not offer the level of strength and speed as clotramizole is a rather mild. But this also makes this product quite affordable as well.


It is essential that you first clean the affected area with water and soap. Be sure to dry off the skin first before applying the cream. Apply a thin layer of the Zema Cream Antifungal solution over the area with fungal infection. If you are treating athlete’s foot make sure you also take notice of the areas between the toes.

Use this cream two times per day, ideally during the morning and again at night. Athlete’s foot will usually take about 4 weeks to be treated while jock itch will take about 2 weeks.


Each 10 gram tube of Zema Cream Antifungal will cost around $8.40. Reputable online stores offer this product with free shipping as well. There are no known discounts given the manufacturer in regards to this antifungal cream but they do offer certain additional trinkets when purchased from official retailers. There is also no available monthly subscription offered.

Possible Side Effects

If you feel any sort of skin irritation such as itchiness and burning sensation after initial application of this cream then I suggest you discontinue use immediately. While clotramizole is relatively safe, there is still a chance of it causing unwanted side effects for certain individuals.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees or refunds offered by the manufacturer if the product does not meet your satisfaction. However, I did find their customer support quite accommodating and polite. You can also find this product in several drugstores which may offer their own return policy.

The Bottom Line

The Zema Cream Antifungal is a relatively safe and effective fungal cream treatment if you are looking for something cheap. It contains enough of the solution to last for about a month, the usual period when this topical treatment takes full effect.

However, as stated earlier it does not offer the level of strength to handle more serious cases of fungal infections. Additionally, there was no information provided about a guarantee or refund policy which raises concerns.

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